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Historical Perspective of OPSC
Recommendations of the Royal Commission on superior services in India, 1924, referred to in short, as the Lee Commission, and now they find place in the Constitution of India in Articles 315 to 323. The Odisha Public Service Commission was constituted on 1st April, 1949 after itís bifurcation from the former Bihar and Odisha Joint Public Service Commission. At the time of creation of the Odisha Public Service Commission the strength of the Commission was three including Chairman . The strength increased to five in the year 1979 and further increased to six in the year 1996.

The Commission has acquired varied experiences and expertise in the matter of selection of personnel to various services of the Government of Odisha during its functioning for more than five decades. It has also gone a long way in achieving the purpose of drawing the best personnel for the public services of Odisha

Function of OPSC

The functions of the Commission are broadly divided into the following four categories :

(i) Advice on the framing of recruitment rules and its amendments with regard to the recruitment and conditions of service of Group 'B' posts/services carrying scale of pay of Rs. 6500-200-10,500/- and above and Group 'A' posts/services.

(ii) Advice on punishment proposed by the disciplinary authority in finalisation of departmental proceedindgs under the Odisha Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1962 read with Rule 7 of the Odisha Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1992.

(iii) Advice on matters relating to promotion of officers and fixation of inter seniority etc., with regard to officers of Group 'B' carrying pay scale of Rs. 6500-200-10,500/- and above and all Group 'A' officers.

(iv) Recruitment of candidates to different posts/services belonging to Group 'B' and above under the State Government.

(a) Through competitive examination and viva voce test as prescribed in the concerned recruitment rules; and

(b) Through viva voce test only.

The Commission are not required to be consulted in the following matter :-

(1) It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission on any of the matter specified in sub-clause(a), (b) & (c) of clause (3) of Article 320 of the Constitution in respect of -

(a) The posts and services to which appointment is made by an authority other than the State Government;

(b) The Chairman and Members of the Commission;

(c) The Advocate General;

(d) Government Advocates, Assistant Government Advocates, Additional Government Advocates, Standing Counsels and Additional Standing Counsels;

(e) Public Prosecutors, Government Pleaders, Assistant Public Prosecutors and Additional Government Pleaders;
(f) The Personal and the Secretariat staff of the Governor;

(g) The Secreariat staff of the Legislative Assembly;

(h) The post of Private Secretary to the Chief Minister whose tenure is co-terminous with the office of the sitting Chief Minister;

(i) Civil services and civil posts other than those in Group 'B' carrying scale of pay of Rs.6500-200-10,500/- and above and Group 'A'.

(j) Part-time Medical Officers of hospitals in the State;

(k) All posts under the State Administrative Tribunal;

(l) Contract appointments made for a period not exceeding three years; and

(m) Appointment of Deputy Chief Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on regular basis in Group 'A' post under the Commerce & Transport ( Transport) Department and regularisation of services of the Deputy Chief Aircraft Maintenance Engineer appointed on ad hoc basis in Group 'A' post under the said Department since on the 19th June, 1991 and continuing as such on ad hoc basis on the date of commencement (Limitations of Functions) (Amendment) Regulations, 1994.

(2) It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission on any of the matters specified in the said sub-clauses of the said Article of the Constitution as hereinbefore specified in respect of -

(i) Temporary appointments, promotions or transfers from one service to another made for a period not exceeding one year which it is necessary to make urgently;

Constituition of Interview Board

The Commision after due deliberation constitute the Interview Boards which are required to make the selection with the assistance of the Experts from the concerned subjects. The concerned administrative departments are requested to depute their representative to be present in the Interview Board.

Organisation Chart of Odisha Public Service Commission

Officers & Staffs Of OPSC

Sl. No. N a m e Category Designation
1 Sri Kumuda Chandra Mallick Group A Special Secretary
2 Sri Satyabrata Ray -do- Secretary
3 Sri Judhisthir Naik -do- Additional Secretary
4 Smt. Maitreeyee Bhattacharjee -do- A.C.E.-cum Under Secretary
5 Sri Tapan Kumar Padhi -do- F.O.-cum-Deputy Secretary
6 Vacant -do- Under Secretary
7 Sri Susanta Kumar Das -do- OSD to Chairman
    Group B  
8 Sri Muralidhar Satpathy -do- Private Secretary
9 Smt. Hara Priya Singh -do- Private Secretary
10 Sri Khirod Kumar Das -do- Section Officer, Level-I
11 Sri Dusmanta Das -do- Section Officer, Level-I
12 Sri Bipin Kumar. Jena -do- Section Officer, Level-II
13 Sri Prasanna Kumar Mohanty -do- Section Officer, Level-II
14 Sri Abhaya Kumar Samal -do- Section Officer, Level-II
15 Sri Uchhaba Chandra Sahoo -do- Section Officer, Level-II
16 Smt. Sunanda Pradhan -do- Section Officer, Level-II
17 Sri Umakanta Naik -do- Section Officer, Level-II
18 Sri Kirti Ranjan Patra -do- Asst. Law Officer
19 Smt. Niharabala Jena -do- Tabulator
20 Sri Golak Bihari Ray -do- Tabulator
21 Sri Kishore Kumar Das -do- PA to Secretary
22 Sri Ranjan Kumar Mohanty -do- PA to Member
23 Sri Malaya Prasad Patra -do- Programmer
24 Smt. Malatilata Dei -do- Senior Assistant
25 Sri Basudev Mallick -do- Senior Assistant
26 Sri Bijayananda Bosi -do- Senior Assistant
27 Sri Rebati Ranjan Mohanty -do- Senior Assistant
28 Smt. Saraswati Samantaray -do- Senior Assistant
29 Sri Sanjaya Kumar Das -do- Senior Assistant
30 Sri Mumtaz Ali -do- Senior Assistant
31 Sri Jyoti Ranjan Pattanaik -do- Senior Assistant
32 Sri Deepak Kumar Mohanty -do- Senior Assistant
33 Sri Nabin Kumar Mohanty -do- Senior Assistant
34 Sri Somanath Tripathy -do- Senior Assistant
35 Sri Jhinnabas Lenka -do- Senior Assistant
36 Sri Chabindra Nath Behera -do- Senior Assistant
37 Miss Pushpalata Swain -do- Senior Assistant
38 Sri Prasanna Kumar Mishra -do- Senior Assistant
39 Sri Amit Kumar Mohanty -do- Senior Assistant
40 Sri Sambit Das -do- Senior Assistant
41 Itishree Das@Mohanty -do- Senior Assistant
42 Sri Sahasrajurna. Sethi -do- Senior Assistant
43 Smt. M.B. Swain -do- Senior Assistant
44 Sri Prana Krushna Hansda -do- Sr. Steno
45 Sri Ajaya Kumar Mohanty -do- Care Taker
    Group C  
46 Sri Alok Chandra Mishra -do- Jr. Assistant
47 Sri Debasish Nayak -do- Jr. Assistant
48 Sri Rakesh Chandra Das -do- Jr. Assistant
49 Sushree Sandhya Soren -do- Jr. Assistant
50 Sri K.C. Baral -do- Superintendent Level-II
51 Sri Nagendra Kumar Baral -do- Junior Typist
52 Sri R.K. Das -do- Junior Despatcher
53 Sri S.S. Jena -do- Senior Diarist
54 Sk. A. Bux -do- Driver
55 Sri B.P. Naik -do- Driver
56 Sri A. Ali -do- Driver
57 Sri D. Samal -do- Driver
58 Sri Safat Khan -do- Driver
59 Sri B.C. Pradhan -do- Driver
60 Sri R.N. Dixit Group D Record Supplier
61 Sri B.K. Nayak -do- Mali
62 Sri B.K. Mishra -do- Zamadar
63 Sri Pravakar Panda -do- Duftary
64 Sri N.K. Biswal -do- Duftary-cum-R/S
65 Sri S.N. Jena -do- Peon
66 Sri S.K. Lenka -do- Peon
67 Sri Gangadhar Das -do- Peon
68 Sri Pravakar Mallick -do- Peon
69 Sri D. Behera -do- Peon
70 Sri B. Sahoo -do- Peon
71 Sri B.K. Nayak -do- Peon
72 Sri B.K. Swain -do- Peon
73 Sri S.C. Das -do- Peon
74 Sri B. Konhar -do- Peon
75 Sri R.K. Sahoo -do- Peon
76 Sri K.N. Dalai -do- Peon
77 Sri M. Mallick -do- Peon
78 Sri M.D. Swain -do- Peon
79 Sri B.C. Patri -do- Peon
80 Smt. R. Bibi -do- Peon
81 Smt. R. Barik -do- Peon
82 Sri R. R. Ray -do- Peon
83 Sri Dhaneswar Marandi -do- Peon
84 Sri Krushna Chandra Swain -do- Peon
85 Sri H.K. Das -do- Chowkidar
86 Sri B.K. Jena -do- Chowkidar
87 Sri Tara Naik -do- Sweeper
88 Sri Brundaban Naik -do- Sweeper
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